Another Prank

I have had another prank idea, which, once again, I’m not saying you should actually do it, but this one won’t get you in trouble with the law more than most others. (Hopefully)Ever seen “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”? And how they use a lifeline known as Phone a Friend? And how some stupid people who have nothing better to do friday night make prank phone calls? The logic is dizzying. So, go find a friend who does a good Meredith Viera impersonation,  and call a random number. Now, how you proceed from here depends on what you would like to do.Would you like to call an actual friend and have it be somebody they know? Or just make up a random name, and see how they react? The latter is the usual choice. Now then, how much should they be going for? Do you make it really suspenseful, and say they’re going for the million dollar question? (Even better if they don’t know the person you made up.) Give them an impossible question.Or, alternately, you could pretend the guy is a rather (*cough cough*) unintelligent individual, and already used his fifty-fifty on the hundred dollar question, got left with the answer and the punchline question, and decided to phone you?This would also be good for a psychology study, to see how people react to the fact that they may have cost someone a million dollars.Enjoy. 


One Response to “Another Prank”

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