Wanna Google that?

You know you’re a success when people start using your name/company name to describe your function.Which makes it somewhat odd that Google would want to discourage such usage of its name. According to Wikipedia: “Fearing the dilution and potential loss of its trademark Google has attempted to discourage use of the word as a verb, particularly when used as a synonym for general web searching”, and also said: Google sent a plea to the public requesting that “you should please only use ‘Google’ when you’re actually referring to Google Inc. and our services.”   Oh, come on, people, you’re worried people will forget that people will forget your company when they’re thinking or saying it every time they think of web searching? Did your ever hear anybody using “MSN Live Search” as a verb? Or even Yahoo? “Uh, hang on, let me MSN Live Search that real fast.”  Companies should be pushing this practice along. People “Fed-Ex” things, they do not “UPS” them.  There are some other examples: McGyver, and Xerox, for instance.  I mean, if my name was Paul Jones, and I started a company that produces really action packed movies, say, then I would be somewhat satisfied if I heard someone say that “That movie was almost a  Paul Jones,” that, to me would mean I was quite successful.   Of course these could also carry neutral, negative, or confrontational images, such as say,  George Lucas-ing those movies.Of course the reason they did it was to avoid people being able to loophole their way around the copyright, but still…


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    Nice article.

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