From out of nowhere…

Did you know they have a name for that place that cartoon characters pull things out of nowhere from? It’s called “Hammerspace” and open some very interesting possibilities. 

First, we need a brief description if you didn’t read the link. Hammerspace is that area where people magically pull objects from, as it’s probably not from their wazoo. Our stereotypical Japanamationman “Flugly” will demonstrate:


See? It came from hammer space. (That was a lame joke) Hammerspace also includes the areas behind tiny, thin objects. Mr. Flugly will demonstrate:


Now, what do we do with this information?

Obviously this would have great military applications. Imagine an army of trained troops able to pull oversized hammers from nowhere! If you seen video games or cartoons, you’ll know the devastating effect this has on people. They’ll scream with their tongues and eyes bulging out, run frantically on air, then, before they can get anywhere, they’ll be smashed into pancakes before comically popping back up again. This is also great for troop morale. 

Plus this is great for carrying supplies. Two men could be traveling through the desert, about to perish from thirst, they come upon an oasis. They plunge into the life saving water, and then the one guy could pull a 50,000 gallon water bottle out of his pocket, say, “well, looks like I didn’t need this after all!” and throw it over his shoulder, which leads to a prompt whack on the head with a coconut from traveller number two.

This would put an end to any housing problems, too. Everybody could have a door permanently attached to their bit of hammerspace, as long as they didn’t trip over all the large, blunt instruments everybody carelessly keeps shoving in there.

The FBI could certainly use the “behind thin objects” part too. Imagine being able to hide behind conveniently placed wires, and being able to make it the big, round black bomb just in time to snuff it and have it blow up anyway, leaving one of those hard to shampoo hairdos.


I’ll leave the rest of it up to you.

P.S. Maybe that’s where all the missing socks go…  

P.P.S. I ought to start selling collectible Flugly cards for the low price of $16.00 apiece.  


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