I am not responsible for anyone who decides to pull the following prank. It is quite possibly illegal, and is intended for entertainment purposes only! 

This is an idea for a prank I thought up. I don’t like pranks, but this one is a funny idea, although make sure you read the warning above. 

The following is a transcript of a possible phone prank:

*phone rings*

Hapless Victim: Hello?

Evil Pranker: Hi, this is [fake name], and I’m calling to tell you that you could be the winner of a huge sweepstakes!

HV: Really? Like what kind of sweepstake?

EP: Well, Fire stations across the country have been contributing to a jackpot. This sweepstakes is designed to raise fire safety awareness levels.

HV: Cool, how do I enter?

EP: Well, it’s very simple, dial 9-1-1, shout “Fire!” and give the representative the information they ask for. If you won, your local fire department will show up in their truck, and give you your prize!

( Obviously most people will get that this is a prank at this point, but if the victim is Unusually Stupid, they may continue…)

USHV:  Awesome! I’ll do that right now!

*calls 911*


911 Person: Calm down sir, what’s your name?

USHV: Jon Deir

911P: And what is your address?

USHV: 1 Dumm Gye, Apartment 3!

911P: Thank you, we’ll send a crew your way. Now, then

*Hangs up*

USHV: YES! I’m gonna be rich 

I’ll leave it to you to imagine the scene when he rushes out to greet the firemen and asks where his money is.

Note, once again, DO NOT DO THIS! I am absolved from all legal problems or complications that may arise from anyone being dumb enough to do this. Thank You. 


One Response to “Prank?”

  1. Will Rhea Says:

    Now that was good!

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