YouAnd iMakes Wii

Have YouEver noticed the Wiierd spellings that are going around? iHave. How can wii bii X-pected to learn korekt wriiting if product names are all wii have? Kids growing upp will onlii have Stuf like iPods, eSurance, YouTube, Wii, and other products that have wiierd spelliings to stand out, and peeple won’t know how to spel! Kidds sii way mre prdct nams thn thy wil lurn in schl abot prpr spling. Not 2 mentchun txt msgng jmble! Or Acrnyms! iCan’t beliive the splings that gets out! nd Grmmr? gme a brk! Do ppl riilize teh dngrs in ths? iFeel srry for teh ppl hu hve 2 tch chldrn ths stuf. iMean, LOL? IMO, iThink not! So kds, lurn to spl rite, or YouWill E-Nd up like t ppls r 2dy. ttfn, cyu l8r.


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